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Motivation is the key to getting anything done in business: Employees need motivation to work;  Developers need motivation to create new products; Consumers need motivation to buy; Managers need motivation to change policies and procedures.

Dr. Kirschner developed a model of motivation that makes sense of this important aspect of human behavior.  According to Kirschner's Motivational Model, there are six motivational sets driving human behavior, each with a TOWARDS and an AWAY side. These sets play the essential role in the choices people make, and they give us amazing leverage for changing minds, changing behavior and changing results.

You deal with people every day. Do they frustrate you? Challenge you? Bring out the best or the worst in you? The special skills you need to bring out the best in anyone are the same skills that can bring out the best in everyone.

How? Understanding need and intent is the key.  Dr. Kirschner helped develop a model for human behavior that is used in colleges and universities and on corporate campuses around the world. According to this Lens of Understanding, there are four positive intentions that, when thwarted, lead to difficult but predictable behaviors; that when observed and recognized, give you the leverage you need to prevent conflict and turn confrontation into golden opportunity.  

Dr. Kirschner has a deep inventory of such material, and can tailor a presentation that supports the theme and objectives of your event.  Contact your professional speakers bureau, and bring The Art of Change Skills for Life™ to your organization! 

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